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What is Owner-Operator LMIA?

RelydenceImmigration What is Owner-Operator LMIA?

What is Owner-Operator LMIA?

Owner-Operator LMIA is a type of LMIA that allows an interested foreign investor to immigrate to Canada by investing in a business in Canada. The eligible applicant can apply for an Owner-Operator LMIA, and use this LMIA to apply for both or either one of Work Permit and/or Permanent Residence applications.

The applicant must be a controlling shareholder of the business they are investing in by owning more than 50% of the shares.

Also, the applicant must have managerial experiences in the last 10 years to prove that they have a capacity to operate a business in Canada.

Lastly, the applicant should propose a business plan on how they’ll run the business, and ultimately create a value to Canadian economy and labour force.

Our clients have successfully immigrated to Canada through this program by investing into Canadian businesses, and have become Permanent Residents of Canada.


Stakeholders Involved. 

  • Canadian Business Owner/Employer. 
  • Temporary Foreign Worker. 
  • 3rd Party Representative: Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Immigration Lawyer. 
  • Service Canada.
  • Lawyer (for Business Investment Transaction). 
  • Accountant (for Company Valuation). 
  • Landlord (for Office Space). 
  • Business Partner in Canada (who’s a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident). 

Application Documents Required. 

  • Submission Letter (provided by 3rd Party Representative): Outlines overall table of contents of the application. This document is not mandatory, but highly recommended.  
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment Application Form (ESDC – EMP5593): Indicates overall LMIA application information such as company information, recruitment efforts, foreign worker’s name and job position applying for. 
    • LMIA Government Fee payment information is requested in this document. In this page, the business must disclose its payment card details for a Service Canada officer to charge the required payment. 
  • Organization Chart: Depicts the overall organization structure. 
  • Business Time Analysis Report: Displays company’s hours of operations, and explains why the business requires a particular job position. 
  • Job Description Report: Shows a particular job’s roles, duties and responsibilities that a foreign worker is expected to perform.
  • Job Offer: Discloses a job offer between a Canadian business employer and a TFW.
  • Recruitment Efforts: Describes overall recruitment efforts made by a Canadian business employer to hire local candidates first. 
    • This section includes job bank ad, job match activity report and advertisement posting copies of other 3rd party recruitment websites. 
  • Business License. 
  • Certificate of Incorporation. 
  • Financial Information: T2-100 (Balance Sheet), T2-125 (Income Statement), T4 Summary, 12 Months of PD7A (Payroll Deduction documents). 
  • Business Plan: Describes overall plan on how the business invested will be operated, managed, and grow in terms of financial, operation, marketing, human resources, etc. 
  • Foreign Worker’s Curriculum Vitae: Explains why the selected foreign worker is eligible and capable to invest in a specific business and operate the business, thus creating values to overall Canadian economy and labour force. 
  • Business Investment Transaction Documents: Includes but not limited to, Asset Purchase Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Company Minute Book and Article of Incorporation. 
  • Company Valuation Documents: A valid company valuation conducted by a certified accountant. This document is not mandatory, but highly recommended to ensure the business the foreign worker invests into is in fair market value. 
  • Lease Agreement: An agreement between a landlord and a tenant who will be leasing a particular commercial (office) space to run the business. 

Job Post Requirement. 

  • No job posting needs to be provided, as the foreign worker will be the owner and operator of the Canadian company. 
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