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This is a simple form of due diligences to Start Your Own Company in Canada. 


  • Idea Generation 
  • General Planning 
    • Make a one-page business plan that describes key information of the business; project details, products & services, target market characteristics, demand analysis, etc. 
  • Primary & Secondary Research
    • Identify target customer’s needs and pain points. 
    • Identify key resources & how to acquire them; capital, human, IT and others. 
  • Business Planning 
    • Make a detailed business plan that identifies essential information to start the business; marketing, operation, legal, financial, and human resources plan, technologies to leverage, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, project budget, schedule, scope, required investment, stakeholders & human resources, risk, procurement, quality control, etc. 
  • Implementation 


Please contact us, or fill out and send us a Free Assessment to find out if you are interested in this program. 

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