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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is an economic immigration program that allows qualified candidates to acquire permanent residence status in Ontario. The province nominates certain individuals that can fill up the labour shortages or who are planning to establish or purchase a business in Ontario. This program is operated by Ontario government and federal government, so the whole application is usually divided into two steps; one for Ontario and the other for federal application.


There are total 3 major categories and 9 streams under OINP. Employer job offer category includes foreign worker stream, internationals student stream and in-demand skills stream. Human capital category covers masters graduate steam, PhD graduate stream, French-speaking skilled worker stream, human capital priorities stream and skilled trades stream. Lastly, business category is an entrepreneur stream.


If the eligible applicant has a nomination certificate under one of the above nine streams and his/her work permit expires soon, then the applicant is allowed to extend his/her work permit in 2 ways. One is the nomination based 2 years work permit, which requires to pay $230 employer compliance fee and the other is one year Bridging Open Work Permit if Federal application was submitted. 


The eligibility requirements, processing times and documents are different for each stream, so keeping a close attention to the required details are essential for the success of the candidate’s application.


This book will cover foreign worker streams and international student streams under employer job offer category, human capital priorities stream and skilled trades stream under human capital category and entrepreneur stream under business category.

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