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This option is most suitable for candidates that have high education, high English test results (Usually equal to or higher than CLB 7), and have years of high-skilled work experiences. 


The applicant can first calculate their CRS points by using Express Entry Calculator, and compare with present federal government’s required CRS invitation points. 

If the applicant has enough CRS points, then they can apply for NOC 00 LMIA, which will provide them extra 200 CRS points to enable them to be eligible to get Invitation To Apply (ITA) from the government. 


The applicant is also eligible to apply for Work Permit by using the approved LMIA. Nevertheless, they don’t mandatorily need to get a work permit & apply for Express Entry straight away. 


Regardless whether the applicant pursues the Work Permit or not, once the LMIA is approved, the applicant can create an Express Entry profile and wait for ITA.

Upon received of the ITA, the applicant can apply for Express Entry. 


The major benefit with this option is the applicant can stay in their home country while waiting for their whole family to become Permanent Residents of Canada. 


Note: Usually, Provincial Nominee Program is not eligible for Owner-Operator LMIA program because one of the most common conditions to apply for PNP is to be an employee of a Canadian business. However, as Owner-Operator LMIA indicates the employee is in fact, an owner of a business, the interested applicant is often not eligible to apply for PNP. 

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