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There are 4 major pathways to invest in Canada; investing in a franchise business, investing in a privately owned companies, investing in real estate properties, and starting your own venture. 


Depending on your major areas of interests, industry expertise, and budget, we can scale and introduce the best companies and properties to invest. 


Usually, a foreign national can get only up to 70% of a Canadian company’s shares, and the remaining 30% must be owned either by a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident. 


Here are simple examples of franchise businesses, privately owned companies, real estate properties and startups (show pictures of each examples).


Here are major differences between a franchise business and an privately owned business. 

  • Franchise business pays monthly royalties; average rate is 3-4% for marketing, and 6% for royalties. 
  • Franchise business must undergo Franchise Disclosure Agreement. 
  • The applicant must go through a pre-qualification assessment to purchase a franchise business. 
  • Franchise business provides an Operations Manual that will train, educate, and teach all new Franchise Partners and new staffs. 


The business can be bought either by Asset Purchase or Share Purchase.

  • Asset Purchase: A legal incorporated business purchases an existing business. This removes all past liabilities that the existing business has. 
  • Share Purchase: A shareholder purchases an existing business’ shares. 
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