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Canada Doubles Resettlements for Human Rights Defenders

In a world where human rights violations persevere, Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) are often unsung heroes, advocating for justice and equality while facing significant risks to their own safety. Recognizing the critical need to protect these individuals, Canada has taken a substantial step by doubling its resettlement spaces for HRDs and their families.


On July 25, 2023, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, announced the expansion of the global human rights defenders stream. The number of resettlement spaces available to HRDs and their families has increased from 250 to 500, emphasizing Canada’s commitment to providing a haven for those who risk their lives in the pursuit of fundamental freedoms.


The Human Rights Defenders Stream Expansion


The expansion of the HRD resettlement program is a significant development, highlighting Canada’s dedication to justice. HRDs quietly but tirelessly promote and protect human rights through peaceful means, even while documenting and exposing violations by governments, businesses, or individuals. Regrettably, they frequently face persecution, including threats, arrests, and even violence from both state and non-state actors.


Canada’s reputation as a leading resettlement country was solidified in 2022 when it welcomed over 47,500 refugees from more than 80 countries. This expansion of the global human rights defenders stream strengthens Canada’s position as a worldwide leader in providing a dedicated and permanent pathway for HRDs, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to those at risk.


A Testament to Canada’s Dedication


Canada’s commitment to HRDs goes beyond increasing resettlement spaces. The government also plans to collaborate with Canadian civil society organizations to develop a temporary protection pathway for HRDs. This initiative underscores Canada’s dedication to supporting these brave individuals who often risk their lives to protect fundamental human rights.


Masiullah Jahed, founder of the Global Goals Organization for Prosperity, who settled in Canada through the resettlement program, shared his gratitude, stating, “I was not sure that I would be able to continue raising my voice as a human rights defender for vulnerable citizens of Afghanistan. Thanks to the humanitarian assistance of the Government of Canada, now I have the opportunity to fight for the basic rights of Afghan youth and women without facing direct threats to my life.”


Canada’s decision to double its resettlement spaces for HRDs is more than a policy change; it is a testament to the nation’s unwavering commitment to protecting human rights. It acknowledges the pivotal role HRDs play in promoting justice and protecting fundamental rights and demonstrates Canada’s dedication to supporting and safeguarding these individuals. This initiative sets an example for the international community, encouraging others to provide dedicated protection measures for those who risk their lives for justice and fundamental freedoms. 

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